The origins of Ragdoll

The origins of Ragdoll breed are traced back to the patient selection of breeder in California, Ann Baker, who, from a white cat named Josephine, race Angora or Persian and a Burmese, managed to get the kittens that had something special: their temperament was very mild and showed an extraordinary ability to completely surrender when they were picked up. Hence the name Ragdoll, just "rag doll." Furthermore, these cats were very docile and loving, very connected to people. Just by continuing to select these particular characters came to identifying a new breed: Ragdoll that was recognized in 1971 the United States and in Europe in 1987. In 1992 the Federation International Feline recognized and accepted in the competition three varieties: bicolor, colourpoint and mitted. Very popular in the U.S. and the UK, the Ragdoll has become popular more and more in Europe, coming up to us.

Ann Baker, the first breeder of Ragdoll with one her cat

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