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Born on 24/02/2017

Young blue tabby point bicolour female Ragdoll born on 24/02/2017 by: "Fl*Nevilla's GoodGuy By Hector" and "WhiteAngels Bijoux". Galassia is a Ragdoll with a good physical structure, perfect marking and has a very thick and long tail. She is a bit shy with strangers but with us members of our family is sweetest!


Born on 17-03-2020

By:"SofficiNuvole WhiteAngels Keanu Reeves" and "LionRoyale Phoebe Phuzzycat".

Chocolate colourpoint girl of considerable size: body, strong, muscular and compact. Our Marilyn is also a kind cat, very affectionate, cuddly and playful.Very attentive to everything that surrounds her and with a hypnotic look. Its coat is medium-long, very thick, dense and silky to the touch.



Born on 16-05-2020

she comes from the "Bluecoins Ragdoll Cattery" in South Korea.Eulalia is a seal seal tortie tabby point bicolour girl with beautiful morphology, eyes so blue that they look like sapphires, small ears. She is of medium structure and is perfectly proportioned.Medium-long and silky hair to the touch. Eulalia has a very sweet, sociable and mild character. She is so refined and delicate in her moves that she looks like a classical dancer.


Born on 14/10/2020

She comes from"PearlDolls Ragdoll Cattery" U.K of Inese Perova."Doris" is a cat of remarkable physical structure. His particularly sweet character has conquered everyone in the house,both us and the other Ragdoll.Her eyes are magnetic and express all her  sweetness. Doris has medium long hair  thick and silky to the touch, a beautiful morphology and strong chin. Athletic and curious always wants pampering!


Born on 14-06-2012

She comes from Canadian Ragdoll Cattery:Lionsroyale Ragdoll of Blossom Cheverie. Born on the 14th of June 2012 Phoebe is a fabulous seal tortie colourpoint female(lilac and chocolate carrier).Phoebe is a medium size cat,she is a sweetheart,she is sociable and despite the fact she has been arrived in cattery already adult,she has immediately integrated with our other Ragdolls.Phoebe is the sweetest cat you can want...and she is an exceptional mother with her kittens and also with those of other mothers.She has got a medium long and silky hair to the touch,big...blue end expressive eyes;excellent profile and very long tail!


Born on 13-07-2018

First and splendid lilac tabby point mitted female  born from ours: "SofficiNuvole WhiteAngels Keanu Reeves" and from ours: "WhiteAngels Galassia". Heart is so called because she stole my heart from a very young age and therefore stayed with us. WhiteAngels Heart is a cat with a powerful physical structure She has hypnotic eyes, medium-long hair, silky, impalpable. She is very balanced, polite and clean, as well as being an excellent mother.


Born on 22.01.2015

Elegant seal point bicolour(high mitted)lady coming from breeding:"Of Moonlight Dolls"by Heleen Wichers in Almelo (Netherlands)."Juliet"is a sociable cat, sweet, affectionate, always looking for cuddles and attention. "Juliet" is of medium build cat,she has got medium long and silky hair to the touch, a long and thick tail; flawless marking.

Whiteangels JILL

Born on 28/09/2019

WhiteAngels Jill is a majestic blue tabby point bicolour queen(high mitted)daughter of:"Echanel Del FairyDolls"(our blue tabby point bicolour queen)and of our historic stud"Soulmates Brad"(blue point bicolour male coming from Soulmates Ragdoll Cattery in North Carolina).WhiteAngels Jill has got a muscular and powerful body.An excellent structure combined with great elegance.Very intense eyes both in color and expression.Very good temperament and particularly sociable.


EChanel Del Fairydolls

Born on 18.07.2015

Coming from the italian Ragdoll Cattery: "FairyDolls Ragdoll" by Laura Pezzopane and Maurizio Crosa, Echanel Del FairyDolls is a delightful and elegant blue tabby point bicolour female Ragdoll. "EChanel"is a medium size female Ragdoll, well-built body, very beautiful profile and long and thick tail. What characterizes this adorable creature are her eyes: large, deep blue and extremely expressive and her temperament particularly sweet and affectionate. This"girl"is also sociable with other cats in the house and continuously searches (without respite) cuddles!

WhiteAngels Hamber

Born on 14.04.2018

WhiteAngels Hamber is a wonderful seal point bicolour lady (high mitted and chocolate carrier) daughter of: "Erossella Del FairyDolls" (seal point bicolour femaleRagdoll) and of "Soulmates Brad"(our blue point bicolour stud). WhiteAngels Hamber has an elegant, sinuous and harmonious body. Excellent marking.She has got medium long hair, thick and silky to the touch. Beautiful morphology. WhiteAngels Hamber is very affectionate and loves to sleep in our beds.

Viel's Passion Laila

Born on 11.08.2019

Our very intelligent chocolate point bicolour (high mitted)Ragdoll ,daughter of our"Lonerock Harrow" and "Sheela"(lilac point bicolour)of our friend Silvia Viel,italian Ragdoll breeder of the small italian Ragdoll Cattery:"Viel's Passion".

Laila is a Ragdoll of medium structure,medium long and silky hair,very long tail and large blue eyes.




Born on :08/05/2022

Beautiful and sweet blue tabby point mitted girl(lilac and chocolate carrier),coming from the famous and historic Italian Ragdoll Cattery"Silmarilions"of Maria Federica Guagnano.Belthil is a girl of a medium body structure,very well  marked,beautiful morphology ,large and hypnotic blue eyes.This lady is very swet,kind




Born on :16-06-2022

By:"Golion Del FairyDolls"(lilac tabby point mitted stud) and our"Of Moonlight Dolls Juliet".

Nirvana is a cat with a medium physical structure, medium-long hair, thick and silky to the touch, very long tail. Just like her mother, this cat of ours has beautiful and very expressive eyes and is a great mare. Nirvana is a very intelligent cat and very present in our family life.



Born on 27 -02-2021

From ours:"Lonerock Harrow"and "WhiteAngels Blizard",is an amazing seal tortie point bicolour (chocolate carrier)girl.This lady has a good physical structure,long,muscular and elegant body,very good profile,veru deep blue intense and expressive blue eyes."Nefertiti"is a very sociable and affectionate cat with a great maternal spirit.She has got medium long hair absolutely silky to the touch;very long and thick tail.


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