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Ragisternchen's Casanova

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Born on 08/05/2021

Extraordinary blue tabby point bicolour (high mitted)male coming from the well-known Ragdoll cattery"Ragisternchen's Ragdoll" in Germany.

Casanova has got an excellent physical structure,excellent marking,beautiful morphology and deep blue eyes.He is an extremely sociable and cuddly cat and we must admit that the name he bears is worthy of him...


Willotreerags Tom

Born on 13/06/2021

Coming from the Ragdoll Cattery "Willowtreerags in Massachusetts", has a very sweet and sociable temperament with the human family and with the people who come to visit us. With other cats it is very selective. Tom is in love with our" Echanel Del FairyDolls" and together they represent a perfect couple!

Tom has a decidedly powerful physical structure, an excellent morphology, perfect marking, blue eyes, very intense in color and expression. Long hair, very thick and woolly to the touch.



Born on 15-03-2012

Very sweet male coming from"Soft Clouds Cattery"of Deborah Vanoli in Milano.He is very big in structure.His hair is made of silk.He is one of the better cat we have had in our Ragdoll Cattery.He pacifically lives together with all other cats we have at home.He adores the berries and he is soft.



Born on 20-02-2015

Beautiful blue tabby point bicolour(high mitted) male coming from Finnish Cattery of:Ann-Marlene Stahlberg:"Goodguy"has got a particulary sweet temperament,is sociable and He is a great playful.He has got a very good physical structure,beautiful morphology,long and bushy tail,excelled marking!



Born on 4/10/2017

He is an amazing chocolate point mitted male Ragdoll with magnetic blue eyes, coming from the famous american Ragdoll Cattery: "Lonerock Catastrophe". Harrow has an excellent body structure, medium long hair, thick and silky to the touch; very long and thick tail. Very good temperament. (This our big boy doesn't mark the territory).


Born on 11/10/2020

Very beautiful and sweet seal point mitted male from the well-known Ragdoll Cattery"EULALIE"of Eva Beckertova'.

"Apollo"(as we call him)is a cat of powerful physical structure,excellent morphology and deep blue eyes.He is a stud with a mild and balanced temperament and doesn't mark the territory.


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